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What does a visit to mean for you? Affordable permanent and term life insurance, online quotes that are fast and convenient, and an extensive network of insurers that guarantees the lowest possible premiums – even for smokers. Affordable whole/term life insurance can be difficult for smokers to find, but at Term Assistant, we excel at matching our quotes to your insurance needs. Just provide us with your basic information and within minutes, you’ll receive a term or whole life insurance quote that can work for you. The cheapest term life insurance for smokers can only be found at

Comparing low cost, cheap term life insurance plans is simple with Our comprehensive Quote system will provide you with information about all available plans, as well as an A.M. rating and a link to request an application. Even if you have a history of smoking or unique medical needs, you can find low cost term life insurance that will provide for your family and/or beneficiaries when they need it most.